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HWP Consulting is the limited company I use to deliver strategy and thought leadership services to clients who need experienced senior support without the commitment and cost of a full time hire.

My background is in strategic communications, thought leadership and product/service development. But I also help out with broader business issues including brand, innovation and partnerships.

In terms of sectors I have a good grip on what’s happening in digital/tech, education and purpose-driven business, and experience in the creative industries, financial services and the startup world. Don’t be put off if you’re not on this list – I’m a quick learner and can apply my skillset to a wide range of projects.

Whilst I usually work alone, I have a strong, carefully cultivated network of exceptional and (mostly) lovely people who I can call upon when deep technical or domain knowledge is required.

We all spend so much of our precious time at work and I am convinced now, more than ever, that we all deserve to enjoy what we do as far as is reasonably possible. To that end, integrity and honesty really do matter to me, and I’m not interested in working with people who take themselves too seriously – even if what we’re working on is seriously important.

Thanks for reading and do drop me a line if you need some help.


  • Strategic communications – messaging, ideas/creative and campaign development
  • Thought leadership – creating media friendly content around big issues using interviews and round tables with high profile experts and secondary research
  • Pitch Doctoring – a fully tailored service helping senior people develop, refine and present their propositions and proposals.


I’m based in central London and always delighted to discuss a brief or project.

Please email Henry Playfoot or call 020 7717 5569 to arrange a meeting.